Lateral Growth

A realistic and unlimited innovation model

With a Lateral Growth methodology we are able to combine the knowledge and experience of the promoter partners with the digital know-how of Wedid and its business partners, who contribute the ability of the new project to reach the market in a solvent way, and then scale up quickly.
Lateral Growth is an alternative to digital transformation, which revolutionizes the morphology of companies because it allows innovation without disruption, adapting business models to the new digital era.

As an entrepreneur and founder of a business with us, there is no room for experimentation. We conceive the future without compromising the present. We are familiar with the great challenge faced by many companies in a world that is entering a new digital paradigm. Businesses are willing to innovate and take a leap forward, but without putting their current business at risk. At Wedid we share this concern, and that is why we follow a ‘Lateral Growth’ methodology, which is inspired by what the Lockheed aeronautics innovation teams called the “skunkworks” during World War II, and which Everett Rogers defined as “a fruitful environment that seeks to support a small group of people to originate a new idea without having to go through the routine procedures of business organizations”. In other words, in the digital company that we set up together, the initial operating company business is not involved (in any case, never before the new model is tested and working). In this way, we demonstrate that, at least, innovation does not have to involve a risk for your business.

We will take that leap with you: let’s go!